X-Feller are built as a pressure trap.

The torque changes to the torque with

Gear as you win the winch.

The tape holder B in the picture must be 90 degrees

Towards the line A which is a contemplated line between the tips

On the trap.

If the tape holder is in line A, the trap will become unstable and friendly.

The advantages of X-Feller compared to traditional folders are that the force goes with great force straight to the tree and into the ground, one has to make a chin in the tree for the folding straightener to grab.

There is no risk that the trap will fall away if the tree swings.The risk of splitting is minimized because the strap is pulled around the tree and tensioned.

X-Feller can be used as a root rotary aid to reduce the risk of getting rid of the root system when squatting over and even of the stem.

After cutting off the log, we crank and push back the root system so that it can not stand over anyone.

X-Feller can also be used as a stock lift for eg twigs or if the saw is pinched firmly in the log when cutting.

It is also a good help when letting the log stuck behind an obstacle.